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Here, at Mini of Mine, we are so disgusted and heartbroken over the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy. While our little ones are asleep, we’re so glued to the TV seeing the live broadcast and the President’s speech about this tragedy. In tears, we cannot imagine how any human being can inflict pain on another, let alone even children, the most innocent people in this world. We are proud of the Sandy Hook staff taking charge and care for the students’ safety at the school. Our prayers are for all the families, children, staff and friends of those affected at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

If you don’t already do this, please, hug and kiss your little ones and loved ones a little harder. If they’re very young and they ask about this tragedy, talk to them and keep it black and white. If you have older ones, have an open dialogue with your children about this issue, give them the opportunity to express their emotion.

Cherish the time you spend with one another, and let’s do something for our humanity.

Pray, stay safe, celebrate, and keep optimism alive during this holiday season.